Our Main Objectives:

Young boy playing on a wooden toy
Creating a dynamic hands-on unstructured educational experience where children ages 2-8, along with the adults in their lives, learn through purposeful play
Mother and child outdoors playing
Providing an enriching atmosphere that is accessible to children and their families, regardless of their disability or income
Family playing at a table
Building an atmosphere that fosters positive intergenerational relationships by encouraging adult-child interaction
Young Girl smiling while playing at an activity table
Establishing an unplugged zone where phones and electronic devices are discouraged

About Us

Board of Directors

Patricia Baker, Chair
Judy DeBoer, Treasurer
Andrew Alder
Krista West
Cody Gray

Jan Smith
K. C. Broyles
Hailey Michalk
Janine Rush-Byers
Trisha Mick
Richard Arnold


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